I am a student pursuing MS in Electrical Engineering at Clemson University, South Carolina. I am currently advised by Professor Dr. Judson Ryckman. I am working as a research member of the Nanophotonics Lab at Clemson University. Prior to Clemson, I completed my BS in Electrical Engineering from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.

I have a broad research interest which ranges from machine learning to nonlinear optics. I have always been amazed by the world, and this is why Physics draws me. I chose to work with material physics to have an impact on future integrated photonics which should soon replace other types of interconnects.

I am a mediocre metal guitarist who is currently associated with the music project Radium Is Dying and in the past I released a song with Nordic Shadows, where the ending solo is mine. I have also played in charity concerts with my university music group Nongar, where fundraising a significant amount of money for the Savar victims was one of my accomplishments.

I am also a semi-pro gamer who is currently a fill-in in the team Instinct Esports sponsored by Gigabyte. Previously, I was the toplaner for the team Low Elo Hangout and before that, I used to play midlane with the team Wildfire. If you are a League player and you recognize me from this, give me a shoutout. I am also a streamer and youtuber. Check out my Main Channel Here and subscribe to my Streaming Channel Here.

Professional Experiences

Research Assistant
Office: Room C103, Duke Energy Innovation Center
Nanophotonics Lab, Ryckman Group
81 Technology Drive, Anderson, SC 29625

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Sylhet Engineering College
Courses: Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lab

Test Scores

GRE - 327
Quant - 166, Verbal 161, AWA - 4.0
My preparation duration was two weeks. To know what I studied, click HERE.

IELTS - 8.5
Listening - 9.0, Reading - 8.5, Writing - 7.5, Speaking - 8.0
My preparation duration was one week. For my study materials, click HERE.


Small Scale Wireless Data Transmission via Light Using Light Source [pdf]
International Conference on Engineering, Research, Innovation and Education (2017)

32.325% Efficiency PIN Junction Gallium Arsenide Solar Cell with Reduced Thickness and Textured Front Surface [pdf]

International Conference on Engineering, Research, Innovation and Education (2017)

Study of Single Junction Si Solar Cells for Maximum Efficiency [pdf]
, ,
5th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (2016)

Study of Single Junction Solar Cell Characteristics Varying Different Parameters [pdf]
, ,
2015 International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Communication Technology (2015)


Implementation of submarine robot for underwater navigation and communication
A unconventional submarine robot was built using PVC, Water Pumps and Brushless DC Motors. The shape was unconventional, so it made way for electronics and batteries to be put in the middle. Communication was done via SONAR via Arduino. RF does not work underwater so it could not be used. See the preprint document here.

Small scale data transmission via light
A commercially available low cost (1$ to be exact) light sensor was used to detect the light when transmitted via light. LED flashes, then home tubelights were used to vary the frequency to match the bit information. The found speeds were not remarkable, but has room for improvement if we do the implementation better. A better sensor will lead to a higher data rate. Read the paper here.

Remote home appliance control using DTMF Technology in cellphones
We decided to ditch the conventional GSM technology and went for DTMF instead. Read the paper here.

Remote controlled robot car (Pioneer) using Atmel AVR
We built an RF controlled robot car in our first year using an AVR microcontroller and cheap mechanical parts.

Boolean equation generator from arbitrary logic input using Quine–McCluskey algorithm (using C programming language)
This was a second year project that I did alone. I wrote this program based on Quine-Mccluskey algorithm that can take logic tables as inputs and give boolean equations as outputs. Check the software section for the github link.

Construction of a 200VA power transformer
It was a machine lab project. We practically wound laminated wires around an iron lump to make the transformer.

Designing a fire security system in a market floor on architectural drawing.
This group project was done as a partial fulfilment of electrical service design lab.

Construction of a three-phase inductive load
Was made using solenoids of known resistance and reactance. Wye and Delta both connection options were kept.

Designing of electrical service system of a student hall
Done as a lone project for partial fulfilment of electrical service design lab.


Tahmid Hassan Talukdar
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Clemson University
91 Technology Dr. Anderson
Clemson, South Carolina 29672

email:   ttalukd [at] clemson (dot) edu