I created this death metal music project with my friend Rezwan Matin on guitars and lead composer alongside me, Fahim on vocals, and Tonmoy on keys. Listen to our debut single here . Also, don't forget to buy it from itunes.

Nordic Shadows
Nordic Shadows was a death metal band in which I played as the lead guitarist for over a year. We released Avenge the Martyrs where the outro solo is mine. We also covered numerous songs like Death's Bite the Pain, In Flames' Only for the Weak, Arch Enemy's My Apocalypse etc.

Nongar is a university music group originating in Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. It also functions as a charity organization where we managed to fundraise a significant amount of money for Savar Building Collapse victims. To this date, I consider it one of the notable achievements of my music career. I was a part of Nongar during my undergrad and I am currently an ex-member because of my graduation.