I've been a gamer since I was a child. When it came to competitive games, I played Call of Duty for a few years. After that, I switched to League of Legends full time. I tried CS:GO and DOTA 2 for a few weeks but those did not suit me well. I might quit due to career reasons but being toxic in league will always be a way to blow off steam.

League of Legends
I am a semi-pro gamer (midlaner) who is currently a fill-in in the team Instinct Esports sponsored by Gigabyte. Previously, I was the toplaner for the team Low Elo Hangout and before that, I used to play midlane with the team Wildfire. If you are a League player and you recognize me from this, give me a shoutout. I am also a streamer and youtuber. Check out my Main Channel Here and subscribe to my Streaming Channel Here.

As for rank, I peaked at Platinum IV in season 5. Then I was in hiatus for two years, barely playing and ending up having my account in Gold 5 last season. I barely play now, and have become a casual player. However, I am serious about my team and try to do my best as a substitute.

Call of Duty
I did play COD and won a tournament. However, due to the immature scene at that time and lack of incentive, I decided to quit.

Overwatch, GTA Online, Battlefield 1 and others..
I love these games. If you play these, do give me a knock maybe we can play together. Add me in Origin, Battle.net and Steam. Happy gaming.